FibreXpress Network Builders

FibreXpress is a Commercial Data Solution Service Company. Our dedicated and proficient Team ensures optimum value, quality and maximum return on your project.  FibreXpress has intimate knowledge and experience in all aspects of the Telecom industry, both wireless and wireline.  Our repertoire includes:

- Digital Cable (CMTS, cable plant, premise wiring).
- DSL (Digital Subscriber Line, bonding, wiring).
- IP Security (Firewalls, Layer 7 Packet Inspection, Proxy Servers).
- IP Routing and Switching (design, QoS, FAP, management).
- IP Camera and Video Surveillance.
- Hotspots (Hotels, Municipal, Corporate or Public).
- VoIP (Phone systems with quality of service).
- TLS (Transparent LAN Service).
- Wifi and Mobility.
- Utility Meter Data Collection.
- Wireless (P2P, P2MP, WISP, Towers and Rigging).
- Fibre Installations (GPon, PtP, FTTH, Directional Drilling, Trenching, Overhead, Plant Wiring).
- Data/Customer Management Systems (CRM, OSS/BSS).
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